Hiking Trail Features:

Starting point: Polzela (Komenda Castle)
Hiking trail type: Theme trail
Hiking trail length: 16,7 km
Difficulty: Easy, Long-distance circular Mt trail, slight climbing and descending
Variety of hiking trail: Theme-touristic-learning-long-distance circular Mt-trail
Duration of the hike: 4 h 30 min
Difference in altitude: 426 m
The lowest point: 310 m
The highest point: 736 m

Inbound and route description:
The hiking trail takes up past various natural and historical attractions, as well as the only renovated Maltese Knight's Castle in Slovenia. From there, the trail leads to the top of the Mount of Olives, where a majestic church stands.

Points of interest on the way:
- Komenda Castle (Polzela)
- Šenek Castle with its park and an educational path (Polzela)
- the Church of St. Nicholas (Vimperk)
- The birth house of the Slovenian poet Neza Maurer (Podvin pri Polzeli)
- Plague monument (Dobrič)
- The Bolcin's house (Dobrič)
- The Church of the Holy Cross at the Mount of Olives
- Thermal springs Slatine (Polzela)

The trail starts at the Castle of Komenda in the middle of Polzela, where you can see a beautifully restored castle, which equipment represents four architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance period and the Middle Ages. Inside the castle you can also see a renovated horizontal hop drier, a part of Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and Brewing Industry in Slovenia, in which the objects of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and other objects are exhibited. The trail continues to the park and the educational path, where you can see over a hundred years old trees of different varieties and a magnificent box tree plantation with the English garden, white benches and the strolling paths. The trail then continues through the forest towards the natural park and thermal springs Slatine, where it slightly starts to climb, all the way to Vimperk, where you can find the church of St. Nicholas. Then you will continue towards Kopank, to the partly wooden house, a birth place of our great poet and writer, Neza Maurer. After that the trail rises steeply through the forest to the Mount of Olives road split, where the Plague Spot Warning stands – a four-sided stone column, built as a memory of the plague or black death, which was ravaging through these parts in the first half of the 17th century. Soon after that, on the the hill on your left side, you will see the Bolcin's house with the preserved black kitchen inside. At the highest point of the trail, 736 m above the sea level, stands a magnificent church of the Holy Cross at the Mount of Olives with an extremely attractive main altar, the work of the sculptor Ferdinand Gallo, with the apostles and Jesus at the Last Supper, all of them in natural size. What is unique about this church is an underground sanctuary and a wonderful view of the surroundings. Next to the church there is a nicely maintained mountain home with food service and a possibility to rest. The trail is accessible during all year round and suitable for people of all ages.

Near the trail there are following attractions:
- the Church of St. Margareth,
- the Park and the Mansion of Senek,
- the Old Tractors Museum,
- Cajhn's Hayrack,

ZKTŠ Polzela
Grajski trg 1
3313 Polzela
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