Terme Zreče Spa Resort

Terme Zreče Spa Resort

Terme Zreče is situated at the foothills of the green Pohorje Mountains on the outskirts of the town of Zreče. This is a place where modern features go hand in hand with rustic features and the present meets the past.

Terme Zreče is surrounded with places marked by a rich history such as Slovenske Konjice, a town with a thousand year old square, or the Žiče Charterhouse from 1160 with the oldest inn called Gastuž dating from 1467.
Here you can do something for yourself and your health regardless of the season. We have MEDICINAL THERMAL WATER, unique natural medicinal POHORJE PEAT for warm wraps, a MEDICINAL MID-MOUNTAIN CLIMATE, invigorating baths and beneficial relaxation massages. Highly trained medical staff are in charge of rehabilitation and prevention.
Our advantage is the unique combination of thermal springs and snow-related activities at the Rogla ski and sports centre located 17 km away. We offer top-quality services, excellent food year-round and great wine from the rich selection of Zlati Grič.

Unior d.d. Program Turizem
Cesta na Roglo 15
3214 Zreče
+386 (0) 3 75 76 000
+386 (0) 3 57 62 446



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