Rimske Terme Spa Resort

Rimske Terme Spa Resort

The natural Rimske Terme Spa Resort has one of the richest types of thermal water in Slovenia. 

Thermal water (special features, characteristics, temperature)

Thermal water with a spring temperature of 39°C contains suitable quantities of calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate. It is the main healing factor in Rimske Toplice. Water springs from the depth of 1,000 metres. From the spring, the water is taken directly to the historical area of water nymphs at Zdraviliški Dvor****. The thermal springs at Rimske Terme are situated in Triassic dolomite rocks. The first thermal spring is called the Amalija Spring and the second the Roman Spring. 
Rest and Relaxation (accommodation, excursions in the surrounding area, cuisine)

Rimske Terme welcomes everyone wanting to have experience the comfort of luxury and elegance. This is where the past and present meet. Take a walk through the Spa Park (Zdraviliški park), which is the most interesting park in Slovenia, boasting giant old trees from all over the world. Enjoy excursions and attractions offered by the friendly surrounding area. Your taste buds will simply love the masterpieces made by chefs, who will make sure you have an unforgettable gastronomic experience.
Throughout history and up to the present time

The medicinal properties of natural springs were appreciated by the Romans, who designed the first warm, hot and cold water pools back in the year 39 AD. The long existence of Rimske Terme is attested by 11 marble sacrificial altars, four of which are devoted to nymphs and the goddess of health Valetuda, and they decorate the historical part of the spas (the spas have always been a privilege of wealthy guests). Today, the renovated Rimske Terme Spa Resort represents a meeting of the past and the present that welcomes guests, making sure everyone feels good during their stay.

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