Pekel Forest and Geological Study Trail 

The study trail runs through mixed forests and past meadows that cover the karst area around the Pekel Cave. The trail is circular, as it begins and ends in front of the entrance to the Pekel Cave. The length of the trail is 2.3 km, the height difference is 131 m and the time needed if you walk at a gentle pace is 1.5 to 2 hours. There are 13 content points on the trail marked with information boards.
There are several content areas presented along the study trail with special emphasis placed on relationships between the forest and nature (the importance and roles of the forest, animals and birds in the forest, the life of trees and tree species, the restoration and maintenance of forests, damage to forests by the weather, the bark beetle…), ecology (depletion of forests, litter gathering, forest soil, expanding and shrinking of forests) and karst and karst phenomena (sinkholes, swallow holes, lapis…), since the study trail is situated in the area of the Ponikve karst Park. Walking along the trail with a forester, you can discover any of the numerous secrets of the forest.
Special attractions along the trail also include a lime-kiln, fossil remains, a karst field with swallow holes and a hunters` lookout. You can quench your thirst at the Ločanka spring and have a rest in the cool shade provided by oaks and pines at a rest stop at the top of the trail on Požerišče.
The study trail is managed and maintained by the Slovenian Forestry Institute together with the Celje Forestry Society, and the guide book Through the Forest and Pekel Cave (Skozi gozd in jamo Pekel) is available at the cottage in front of the entry to the Pekel Cave.

Zavod za gozdove Slovenije, Območna enota Celje, Krajevna enota Žalec
Savinjska cesta 59
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