Hiking in Žalec and its Surroundings

Ložnica River Eco Study Trail and Its Flooding Area
The area along the Ložnica River is one of the few preserved areas in the Lower Savinja Valley that is not yet entirely engaged in intensive agriculture. This is where the Ložnica flows with its natural stream and occasionally floods nearby meadows. Typical of this area are hedges, belts of trees and bushes that still serve as borderlines between various plots of land. You can still see the remains of lowland forests with prevailing English oak. The area along the river is predominantly marked by more or less wet meadows and slightly further away from the river on dry ground are individual fields. Villages are located away from the riverbed, somewhere around the level of high water. The preservation of the area has contributed to rich biodiversity. Particularly important is the diversity of flora, fauna and habitat types related to wet meadows, the river and hedges.
Eco study trail Vrbje
This eco study trail runs around the lake and is approximately 3 km long. The trail is marked with boards depicting the head of the Great Crested Grebe, which leads and directs you along the entire trail. Along the trail, there are also interesting information boards that provide a presentation of significant features of the area. The trail runs in the area between the Savinja and Struga Rivers, where interesting life habitats have been preserved, such as remains of flooded forest, hedges with meadows, river with gravel banks and of course the pond. The mentioned habitats are rare in the valley or are not there anymore. The entire trail runs through a plain area and is easily accessible to all age groups year-round.

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