Nivo Bio Park

In 2003, the company Nivo, d.d. started with rehabilitation works on a part of the degraded land next to the factory in Vrbje in order to restore the natural balance of the environment. At first, it was really surprising that workers started pointing out the beneficial effects of this area on their wellbeing. But the first visit of a radiesthesist and the first measurements confirmed the presence of energy radiations, which were later checked by many radiesthesists and renowned bioenergists.
Nivo Bio Park is thus a pleasant and tidy park with many energy points that fill the body with energy. Sitting on rocks and walking along the energy path have a beneficial effect on your wellbeing. Energy points in the park are distributed in chakras of the human body. Chakras are described in detail and marked with flowers of various colours, and the area they work on is written as well. Being still at the energy points helps you get in harmony with nature and its energies, which are important for your health.
The bio park is home to many species of animals and plants. In addition to ducks, turtles and various kinds of pond fish, you can also see two white and two black swans in the park. In the area of Nivo Bio Park, there are many kinds of medicinal plants that are marked with Slovenian and Latin names.

Bio park Nivo
Lava 11, p.p. 428
3000 Celje



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