Pekel Cave, Šempeter

For millions of years, the Ponikvica Stream ran along the Ponikve Karst Plateau, penetrated the limestone bed and created a magical karst cave amidst the Lower Savinja Valley. A bit of imagination helps you see the image of the devil above the entrance to this cave. In the wintertime when the outdoor temperature is lower than the temperature in the cave, you can sometimes see smoke coming from the entrance. This was the reason our ancestors were afraid of the cave and named it Hell (Pekel).
The Pekel Cave is a karst cave that is over 3 million years old and has a rich history. This is one of the largest karst caves in Styria adapted for tourists. It is located some 4 km north of Šempeter in the Savinja Valley. The cave was created by the stream of the Ponikvica Stream, which disappears into the ground in front of the cave and comes up again under the name of Peklenščica. The 1159-metre long path in the cave is easy to walk and nicely maintained.
Visitors can see water and dry karst caves, since the cave has two levels. In the lower, water part of the cave, the path runs along the Peklenščica Stream, leading to the greatest attraction of the cave, i.e. the highest Slovenian underground waterfall at four metres in height. The upper, dry part of the cave is adorned by various stalactites. Since water accumulated many different substances, the stalactites in the cave are found in several shades of the colour red and brown.

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