Žalec is a pleasant town, full of memories of the rich past, and it has a lively daily and cultural life as well as attractive green surroundings.
The history of Žalec dates back to 1182. It obtained its first market rights in 1265. During the Turkish invasions, the town suffered a great loss. Hence, a camp with a square foundation and four round guard towers, one in each corner, was built around the church. The defence wall was later demolished, and the only one of the four guard towers that has remained to this day is the south-western tower, which was built from gravel-stone with loopholes and a typical cone-shaped roof. The basement is home to the wine cellar “Keuder”, where you can try wines produced by Savinja winegrowers, and the upper floor of the tower contains a wine-growing collection. The descendant of the oldest vine in Europe is ascending along the tower on its outer side. 
The trails of a rich past can be found in the well-preserved buildings of the old market, e.g. Zotel Homestead (Zotlova domačija) from the 16th century and Savin House from 1669, which is the birth home of poet Risto Savin and contains his memorial room and the permanent exhibition of Savinja fine artists. The Church of St. Nicholas was mentioned for the first time back in 1173.
Near the town, there is the Novo Celje Mansion, dating back to the mid-18th century. It is believed to be a copy of the Viennese Schönbrunn.
Žalec and its surrounding area are marked by fields of hops that have given the valley the name “Green Gold Valley”. The area of the Lower Savinja Valley comprises three quarters of all fields of hops in Slovenia. Visitors can find out more about hop growing in the Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and the Brewing Industry in Slovenia in Žalec.

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