Savin House, Žalec

Memorial Room of Risto Savin
Savin House contains a memorial room of the famous Slovenian composer Friderik Širca - Risto Savin. The collection was prepared amateurishly and exhibited starting in the 1960s, and in 1992, the rich legacy was arranged by curator of the Celje Regional Museum, Renalda Fugger - Germadnik. The collection is composed of furniture and personal belongings of the musician and officer who reached the rank of major general during his successful career in the army. Here you can see albums of the composer’s ancestors and relatives, letters, medals and orders, posters inviting people to Savin’s operas and ballets, photos, uniforms and small items from daily life that illustrate the typical atmosphere of the town.

Permanent exhibition of Savinja fine artists
The exhibition presents the works of fine artists who are in any way connected with the Savinja Valley, either by creating in it or by having marked it in the past. In addition to academic fine artists, there are also those who have proven themselves through their work and were accepted to the Association of Fine Artists Societies. The following have their works presented in the gallery: Adi Arzenšek, Jože Horvat - Jaki, Dore Klemenčič - Maj, Vlado Novak, Ervin and Irena Potočnik, Edvard Salesin, Rudi Španzel, Jelica Žuža and others.

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