Vransko Square

Vransko is famous for its numerous historical and natural attractions. The most important of its sacral facilities are the parish Church of St. Michael, which was first mentioned in 1123 and has a marble altar produced by a famous sculptor F. Robbe, and the Church of St. Hermagoras and Fortunatus in Stopnik, with a bell tower from 1317.
Vransko and its environment offer many mansions and manors: the Brode Mansion, the Podgrad Manor, which is surrounded by a park with many old trees and where you can find the source of the Podgrajščica Stream. This is also the former land of the Gornji Grad monastery and later the seat of the provincial court and tax office. In Stopnik you can still see the ruins of the Stopnik Castle, which is the oldest castle in the Lower Savinja Valley. Due to the proximity of the provincial border between Styria and Carniola, Vransko used to have a tollhouse. Tollman’s seat was in the Avžlak Manor, which is also called “Prajhaus” by the locals, as the manor later included a brewery.



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