Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and the Brewing Industry in Slovenia

The museum opened its doors for the first time at the end of November 2009 in Žalec. It is of high importance for the entire Lower Savinja Valley, since the stories of hop growers’ lives in the past and today as well as the tools used in the hop-growing industry have been reborn and will remain available for future generations. 
The central museum, which is located on the premises of former oast in Žalec, is arranged on five floors. In it, visitors learn about food, clothes, customs and lifestyles, many hop products and tools for the production and processing of hops. The collection has been prepared with the help of families that are engaged in the hop-growing industry and through their documents, photos and memories. Hence the name eco museum – because it is connected with the environment and locals. Entry-information points in six municipalities of the Lower Savinja Valley provide a detailed presentation of what it means to be connected with hops.
The building also offers classes, a small shop and a tasting area where you can try beer and herbal drinks. The two largest Slovenian breweries and the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing are also presented in the eco-museum. 
The oast contains a museum as well as two drying shafts that visitors to see how large amounts of hops were being dried and how huge the shafts are.
Opening times:
Monday: closed

Tuesday - Friday: 9.00–18:00
Saturday and Sunday: 9.00–12.00
or upon previous agreement

Cesta Žalskega tabora 2
3310 Žalec



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