Church of St. Rok with Calvary

The Calvary in Šmarje pri Jelšah with the famous pilgrimage Church of St. Rok is one of the first class Baroque art monuments.
The church is decorated with extremely rich Baroque decorations. It was painted by Anton Lerchinger from Rogatec, the carvings were produced in the Mersi workshop from Rogatec and the stuccoes were designed by Jožef Anton Quadrio from Maribor.
14 chapels of the Stations of the Cross, decorated with rich Baroque décor, are distributed along a zigzag road towards the pilgrimage Church of St. Rok. The road leads pilgrims, travellers or tourists among chapels in a way that they always only see their next goal along the way and so that it shapes a kind of a scene similar to a theatre. In the crosswise positioned chapels, Christ’s suffering is presented with stunning statues of a natural size and frescoes.

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