After being rebuilt in the oriental style at the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century, Jelšingrad was considered one of the most beautiful castles in Styria. It was surrounded by predominantly exotic plants.
According to older records, the castle was built in the high Middle Ages, but Jelše was not mentioned in literature until 1424 as Erlach. The Slovenian version of the name Jelsche - Jelše was recorded at the end of the 15th century.
Today’s building has an L-shaped ground floor with a pillar built subsequently at the central wing, where you can also see other pillars and balconies. In addition to the ground floor, it has the first floor and top semi-floor and a cellar only in the northern part of the central wind. The most thorough makeover of the building happened at the start of the 18th century when it was rearranged into a Baroque mansion. The central wing was modernised and a representative aula arranged on the first floor. The mansion received a park and allegoric figures of the four seasons at the edge of the courtyard. According to records, Jelše used to be extremely luxuriously furnished.
After the war, the mansion was turned into a correctional home, later into a pensioners’ home and after the earthquake in 1974 the mansion remained empty.

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