Planina Castle Ruins, Castle Granary

The Planina Castle is situated on a 33-metre-high steep rocky ridge above a square. Its building started in the 10th or 11th century and was probably finished in the 12th century. It was first mentioned in documents in 1190 when its owners were Bishops of Krško or the Knights of Planina. In the 13th century, it was owned by Ostrovrhars (1249), and in the 14th century by the Counts of Celje (1345–1456). After this, the ownership of the castle was passed on to various dukes and lessees with Moscons (1588–1768) and Prothasis (1823) as the best known. In 1884, the roof was taken off from the castle, leaving it in ruins as it has remained to this day.
It was rebuilt and extended several times. The core of the castle is Romanesque (a part of the northern, the eastern and western side), and the southern wall is Gothic. The northern wall has an interesting fishbone-shaped area typical of the Antique or early Antique period. The castle was built as an oblong building – palatium with large cellars, two floors and an attic. There used to be a tall round tower at the entrance of the western part, and 100 metres away was another tower that was used to protect an old access road to the castle. The walls protected the castle on the western, northern and eastern sides.

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