Mountain Lodge on Resevna

Resevna is a 682-metre-high hill situated south-west of Šentjur. It is called after heather with blue flowers blossoming in early spring or late autumn. Under its peak is a mountain lodge and at the very peak a 20-metre-high belvedere with a telescope. The lodge is open year-round on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 8:00 to 20:00. Upon prior arrangement, it can be opened for large groups also on other days. The caretaker of the lodge is the Šentjur Mountain Society. A flat clearing is situated under the peak. A camping area is arranged here and on the southern end there is a monument in the memory of the soldiers killed in the National Liberation War.
- on foot on marked mountain trails: from the bus or railway station through the settlement of Hruševec and Krajnčica (1.5 h); from Šentjur past a slaughterhouse to Rifnik, turn right at the Ferlež mill in Šibenik on a marked trail (1 hour of a gentle trail) or continue through the valley of Kozarice to the settlement of Ravne on the right, you`ll see the Videc  Farm where goat cheese is produced (2 hours);  from Štore through Prožinska Vas and Krajnčica (2 hours);
- passages: Svetina, Celjska Koča;
- by car: from Šentjur towards the south passing an underpass and crossing the Voglajna River; turn right at the first turn, passing a 5-kilometre-long marked road to a National Liberation War monument; from there you only have 5 minutes on foot to reach the lodge.

Planinsko društvo Šentjur
Cesta Miloša Zidanška 28
3230 Šentjur



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