Zima Partisan Hospital

The hospital was built by locals in 1944 as an underground bunker based on an order by the XIV division headquarters. The location was established in the Šohta forest since it ensured water supply and the possibility of hiding the trails of access in the winter months. A bunker for food was built in the direct vicinity, and an additional bunker for the evacuation of the wounded at Marija Dobje. 
The first wounded persons were admitted to the hospital in August 1944. During its time, the hospital received 124 wounded people for treatment. In January 1945, they were moved to another safe location and this one was abandoned.
Location: Cerovec – in the forest at the Zima highway rest stop (from Maribor behind the Dramlje exit).
- on foot from the Žonta Farm (15 min)
- by car on the road from Žepina (3 km)

Krajevna skupnost Blagovna (Partizansko bolnica Zima)
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