Škalce Golf Course

The golf course is situated amidst Škalce vineyards. It is very diverse with a stream, water obstacles, forest and bushes. This is a 9-hole course with a total length of 2448 metres. The course is pleasant for playing, yet it requires very exacting strokes. The power and length of strokes are not decisive; it requires good consideration and a high level of concentration.
The golf course is open March to November. You can also use a practice ground where you can take up golf classes, courses for children and teenagers or individual lessons. At the reception desk, you can also buy wine from the company Zlati grič at great prices.

+386 (0)3 758 03 62 recepcija golf igrišče; +386 (0)3 758 03 65 recepcija golf vadbišče
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