Primeval Forest on Donačka Gora

A special feature of Donačka Gora is its 27 ha nature reserve that has been protected as a primeval forest since 1965. Slovenia only has three beech tree forests with a primeval character. In its western part, you can find a well-arranged mountain trail from the mountain lodge to the ridge. Donačka Gora is also famous for its unique flora. The rocky walls and shelves of the mountain’s sunny side are the only site of Juvan’s houseleek in Slovenia.
Since the oblong Donačka Gora stretches from east to west, it has a warm, sunny southern part and a cool, shady northern side. Therefore, the northern side is populated with mainly shady Alpine plants that need less heat or more humidity such as hart’s tongue fern, spruce, goat’s beard, Alpine laburnum and many other plants. On the southern side, you can see plants that grow well in warmer condition, such as sweet chestnut and bitter oak. A characteristic feature is elevation zones of vegetation.

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