Church of St. Bartholomew, Rogatec

The church is situated on the southern slope of a castle hill. It was built in the so-called Styria Baroque style between 1738 and 1743, on the place of the former church with the same name from the 13th century. The southern wall of the nave has an engraved board that attests to the beginning of the church in 1743. Two cupolas ornamented with Baroque illusionistic architectural and figural frescoes arch above the nave and presbytery. The frescoes are a quality work of the Baroque painter Josef Ferdinand Fromiller from Klagenfurt.
The most interesting of the internal furnishings are altars and a pulpit. The altar of St. Anton Padovanski, made by the sculptor Josef Straub, is presented in all its beauty with Valentin Metzinger’s altar paintings. Straub is also the creator of the renovated pulpit. The large rosary altar is the work of Slovenian artists Štefan, Anton and Janez Jurij Mersi and painter Anton Lerchinger. The Baroque intarsia-covered vestry cabinet and Ebner’s organ (1859) are also important. The church is considered one of the high-quality Baroque sacral objects in Slovenia and has been proclaimed a cultural monument.

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