Rogatec Open Air Museum

The original idea to preserve the birth house of poet Jože Šmit eventually grew into the largest open air museum in Slovenia that was nominated for European Museum of the Year in 1997. The permanent museum collection is intended to preserve the subpannonian-type architectural heritage and the cultural tradition of the people who lived in the area south of Donačka Gora and Boč in the time between the 19th and mid-20th centuries. The used materials, arrangement of rooms and internal design clearly demonstrate the functional and content connection of the displayed architecture with the lifestyle of farmers in the past, their materials and the spiritual world.
The core of the museum is composed of original buildings and reconstructions of craft houses and outbuildings set at a selected location at the exit from the Rogatec historic square (7 km from Rogaška Slatina). The relocation of the residential house was followed by a stable, a coupled hayrack and pig house “štalunci” and reconstructions – “Štepih na Čapljo” well, beehive, vinedresser’s cottage, trellises, smithy and “lodn”, a rural shop from the 1930s, which is today the museum shop.
The museum organises guided tours, an interesting pedagogical programme of active ethnological workshops for youth and adults, museum presentations and workshops where you can learn about local crafts, farm tasks and cultural traditions (basket and wicker knitting, hand weaving, blacksmithing, stonecutting, cooking and peeling willow wicker, Easter bundles and dough baskets, Christmas “šprudles”, bark flutes, bread baking, walking on stilts).
Tours, workshops and ethnographic presentations are organised for groups any time upon prior arrangement and for individuals every Thursday and Saturday without any extra fee or prior arrangement.
Working times:
April to October
Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 to 18:00
Tours can also be arranged for groups outside working times.

Muzej na prostem Rogatec
Ptujska cesta 23
3252 Rogatec



Rogaška Slatina