Ruins of Gornji Rogatec Castle

The castle was first mentioned in documents in 1192 but was probably built already in the 11th century. The Gornji Rogatec Castle, as it was called later on, also carried out a military defence role in addition to being a residential building for its owners.
The castle was surrounded by two connected walls. Slightly lower, below the castle, was also a third wall, two sides of which were connected with the square at the foothills. In the summer of 1574, Gornji Rogatec Castle burnt down completely in a fire, with only its walls, ceilings and auxiliary buildings remaining preserved. In the same year, it was renovated to a three-storey castle with three wings. West of the castle was a rectangular tower, probably serving as a dungeon and torture chamber. In 1810, the castle was still standing, yet the owners of that time, the Attems, left it unattended, leaving it to gradually fall apart within some decades.
Although there is only little left of the former mighty castle, its ruins represent an important element for the identity of Rogatec and the broader environment as well as for studying the development of medieval castle architecture.

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