Strmol Manor, Rogatec

The castle complex lies above the Rogatec Square in the north-west direction. It was first mentioned in 1436 when the Counts of Celje assigned a tower near Rogatec to Jakob Strmolski from Cerklje in the Upper Carniola region.
A Renaissance design and vault construction, as well as a strong influence of Baroque in later times that lent it its rich interior and attractive façade paintings, ranks it among the most important feudal objects in Slovenia. In the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century the building housed a district court, which is attested in the preserved dungeons. The third floor boasts a renewed castle chapel in which Baroque frescoes have been preserved. The first mention of the chapel dates back to 1682; it is dedicated to St. Vincent Ferrer.
The chapel is connected to two rooms, the “small” and the “big” hall, both of which are decorated with Classicism -era painting. The halls are intended for business and professional meetings. The Manor also offers unforgettable wedding ceremonies with catering and interesting programme. The second floor is intended for exhibitions where throughout the year both local and foreign artists as well as museums display their works.
On the first floor there is a renovated, typical castle black kitchen with an open stone hearth and a brick hood. The Strmol Manor also features a castle restaurant and a tavern. In the castle basement where a “Wine shop for Friends” has been established one may indulge in a little wine sampling of top quality wines. A special feature of the wine shop is the castle dungeon with wine tabernacles.     
A beautiful English park with a bricked used to be situated next to the castle. 
The attractive architectural painting of the façades in blue-grey colour, whose hues were discovered with sounding of the external roughcast, date back to the Late Renaissance and Early Baroque period; the façades have been reconstructed and lend the present-day hill castle complex a particularly picturesque look. 

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