Theme Trails

a) Among the springs of Rogaška Slatina
For starters we take a walk through the spa resort centre, which has offered relaxation and healing mineral water for centuries. We will visit the Forest’s and Ivan’s Springs (springs in nature) and Mineral Water Pub. We will make a short stop at the Crystal Hall of Rogaška Grand Hotel and take a look at the history of this glass-cutting town. Unique glass products will be presented in detail at Rogaška Glassworks, since regardless of how good the wine, the right choice of a glass will always add special value to it. In one of the wineries of Rogaška Slatina we will sample premium wines that benefit greatly from the region’s superb location and hours of work in the vineyard and the cellar. Then, the path will take us past a unique collection of cacti – the Pavilion of Cacti, where you will be able to see the collection up close. We will continue our tour to a village called Spodnja Kostrivnica where the King’s and Ignacij’s Springs are located. Although today not known by many for its healing mineral water the village was known for its mineral water already in Celtic times. We will taste the mineral water from the King’s Spring and get “rejuvenated” – the water is said to have beneficial effects on digestion and the skin (some compare it to the Vichy water).

b) Kostrivnica tourist waterway
Kostrivnica village reveals many secrets and has a rich natural and cultural heritage. Our journey begins in Spodnja Kostrivnica under Boč at the King’s and Ignacij’s Springs. The King’s Spring is one of the last of its kind in the region. The water from the spring belongs to alkaline mineral waters, and visitors may even to this day enjoy a glass of water from the spring (upon prior arrangement). Over two centuries old, a double hayrack houses a collection of old farm tools and keeps the spring company. Next the path leads us to a masterpiece of Baroque architecture – the Church of St. Mary located in the heart of Zgornja Kostrivnica. On the road from Zgornja Kostrivnica to the Church of St. Leonard one finds Rajmond’s Mineral Water Spring. Nearby there is a hut that was put over a hole from where mineral water flows. Below the Church of St. Leonard lies an old mill – Strniša’s Mill as the locals call it – and next to it once stood Strniša’s Mineral Water Well. In the 16th century a fort called Kastrum, which the Romans used as an outpost, stood above the Church of St. Leonard. In the past a so-called Mineral Water Road led through Zgornji Gabernik connecting twelve wells on the territory extending from Kostrivnica to Gabernik. The water from these parts was widely exported, even to overseas countries. In Zgornji Gabernik stands a building of the former bottling centre of the Kostrivnica mineral water. Along the way one finds many natural attractions and one of these is the Service Tree (Sorbus domestica). The Service Tree is an old tree that has become quite a rarity in Slovenia. At the end of our tour we arrive to the Church of St. Miklavž at Boč (1545). A presentation on Boč Landscape Park can be viewed at Boč Information Centre.

c) Rogaška Wine Route  VTC 10
The wine-growing area of Rogaška Slatina is known for its many vineyards with welcoming vineyard cottages and wine shops where locals produce and store high-quality wines. Visitors to the Rogaška Wine Route are taken over by the well-tended sunlit vineyards. During the tour winery owners will gladly pour you a glass of their wine. The wine roads in the Rogaška Slatina Municipality fall under the Šmarje-Virštanj tourist road VTC 10. The main route runs through the countryside; its many branches offer the visitors a closer look at the natural wonders, cultural attractions and ethnological features of the area, complementing the attractive offer of the spa resort/tourist centre Rogaška Slatina.
We suggest taking the Rogaška Wine Route as doing so will undoubtedly uncover many a secret and reveal the heritage of this region:

  • Short route: 540 m, 8.4 km, 2 hours
    Chapel of St. Ana – Ivan’s Hill – Flower Hill – over the ring road – Jus Tour Farm – Cerovec under Boč – Kregar Wine Cellar– Gril’s Chapel – Smole’s Gorca vineyard – descent to the Calska Gorca vineyard.
  • Long route: 612 m; 14.2 km; 3 hours 30 min
    After the short route to the village Cerovec under Boč – down the hill – under the Cerovec Hill – Pobežin Farm – left past Pobežin’s and Došler’s Gorca vineyards into the hill to Smole’s Gorca vineyard – to the highest vineyard – through the woods to Gril’s Chapel and to the vineyards – joining the short route – to Imenšek’s and a little further away Križan’s Gorca vineyards – Irje – over the ring road – Bellevue – wine shop - Alexander Hotel – spa resort park.
  • Study trails on Boč 
    Hiking trails furnished as study trails play an important role in providing information to the hikers visiting Boč. On these trails hikers learn about life in the forest. Learning paths lead through economic forests, forest reserves, past the dry meadows, taking the visitor to the place at Bočka raven where the pasque flower grows. There are many paths at Boč and each of them is well worth the walk, both for the one doing the walk as well as out of respect for nature. The paths are marked; more information as well as itinerary is available at

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