King's and Ignacij's Springs 

Nowadays not known by many for its healing mineral water the village Kostrivnica was, nevertheless, known for its mineral water already in Celtic times.
Surrounded by an eight-angular pavilion the renovated spring dug into live rock in 1857 allows the visitors to pour themselves a glass of healing mineral water with the aid of the original 19th-century mechanical pump. There is another spring next to it called Ignacij’s Spring and a double hayrack serving as a venue for events and a haven for old agricultural tools. A unique feature is water from the King’s Spring that has beneficial effects on digestion and the skin.   
Visitors are given a tour of the beekeeping tradition with a special focus on the production of high-quality honey from the flower to the glass, and a modern pouring device with an automatic tool for uncovering, cleaning and storing honey.
Opening times: (Nov–Apr) Friday 15:30–16:00; (Apr–Nov) Tuesday, Friday 17:00–18:00, guided tours upon prior arrangement.



Rogaška Slatina