Junež Homestead

The protected cultural monument Junež Homestead - outdoor ethnographic museum consists of an outbuilding, a traditional roofed hayrack, a beehouse and a renovated old rural home with a black kitchen from the 19th century, complete with all the original furnishings of the time.
The house has been populated since the early eighties of the previous century, and is the last remaining one in the vicinity of the Rogaška Slatina health resort. The old homestead is surrounded by several fields that are cultivated in traditional manner and grow wheat and other grains. The grain is used during various baking workshops, and the thatched roofs are maintained with the straw.
The Junež Homestead is managed by the Rogaška Slatina society for the preservation of Slovenian folklore dishes and customs - the GAJA society. Upon prior arrangement, guests can enjoy a variety of traditional culinary delicacies. Opening time: upon prior arrangement. Admission fee: 2.00 € / person; 5.00 € / person (includes tasting).


Miran Junež
Krpanova 11
3250 Rogaška Slatina



Rogaška Slatina