Stara Direkcija

Stara Direkcija is the oldest building in Rogaška Slatina. It can be seen depicted on the oldest painting of Rogaška Slatina by Karel Russ in 1810.
Stara Direkcija is located at the spot where the former Jemško Homestead with a tavern used to stand. It was built by the former States in 1805-06 when the spa resort was taken over. The building featured headquarters with a director (Amtshaus) and an apartment of the official physician accommodating famous guests (here the first physician Dr Johann Fröhlich hosted ArchDuke John of Austria, who wrote his memoirs about Rogaška Slatina). The oldest building once housed the Graphical Museum where a splendid graphical collection that was set up on the basis of a donation of the spa resort’s regular guest Kurt Müller from Switzerland could be admired.
Access: spa resort centre.
It is located at Rogaška Cultural Centre at 3a Celjska Street. Shows are organised in the air-conditioned hall with 389 seats. The building also offers a cosy coffee shop. Free parking, just a stone’s throw away from the cinema hall, is available for visitors.
Entrance fee for the show is €4.



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