Spa Home (today Rogaška Grand Hotel) and the Crystal Hall

The most representative and best known among the artistic monuments of Rogaška Slatina is the Classicist-style townscape.

The first spa home was built in 1813. Tremendous interest for staying and getting treatment in Rogaška Slatina precipitated a new urban design and the construction of the second spa building, which took fifteen years (1844-1859) to build. When in August of 1910 the spa was being illuminated for the celebration of the birthday of Emperor Franz Joseph I, there was a fire that almost completely destroyed the second spa building. Immediately after the fire, a third spa home began to be built. It was opened in 1912 with the coat-of-arms of Styria being placed at the façade.

The main hall is the venue for dance and concert events. The most exquisite event was Ana’s Ball that enjoyed nearly 200 years of tradition. On the walls of the hall are four excellent oil paintings of the famous Austrian painter A. Schötter from 1912. Descriptions of paintings: 1st painting: Ban Petar Zrinjski at the spring around 1640; 2nd Painting: provincial governor Count Ferdinand Attems looking at spa construction plans in 1825; 3rd Painting: Austrian Archduke Johann upon arrival at the resort in 1836; 4th Painting: Emperor Franz Joseph I visiting the resort in 1883. The fate of the last painting is very unusual and interesting – on its blank back side Slovenian painter Ivan Vavpotič painted the arrival of King Alexander Karadjordjević to Rogaška Slatina in 1925. Admission: €0.50 per person.

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