Navigating the Spa Resort

The main part of attractions of Rogaška Slatina is a spa resort with a promenade park, which is the green heart of the spa resort. It is here that the tour`s short walks begin giving the visitor the chance to experience Rogaška Slatina in full.

A walk through the spa resort centre is definitely relaxing and promises a wealth of interesting experiences. The tour can start at the Tempel Pavilion, which stands over the former spring named "the Main Spring". It was first mentioned in 1141, though a completely reliable mention of it dates back to 1680. The Tempel Pavilion was once the dominant feature of the valley and the centre of social life, providing the territory of present-day Slovenia with one of the finest pieces of architecture from the Classical period. In this part of the park you can see a weather house, stop by the statue of St. Janez Nepomuk and the monument to the Count of Attems considered the founder of the spa, admire the display of mineral water`s source that can be drank later at the Forest Spring under the Janina Hill; you simply would not want to miss the experience at the Mineral Water Pub where you can quench you thirst with a glass of Donat or Styria and recharge spiritually at the chapel of St. Ana, the protector of the spa, at the end of the walk.

Full of renewed energy we continue our walk through the spa park and the promenade, which merge at the European platform and represent the core around which hotels, suites, swimming pools and other facilities have been arranged. The spa park and the promenade with landscaped avenues, lawns, flower beds and cut shrubs, apart from the natural green cover that surrounds the spa centre, contribute to visitor`s wellbeing. On the way we stop at a former spa home, once the home of the Count of Attems, who brought the name of the town and the spa resort to the world. When the former spa home (now Rogaška Grand Hotel), Hotels Styria and Strossmayer and the Tempel Pavilion were built, the place received its Classicist features. Around 1,900 buildings were built in the Art Nouveau style (Ljubljana home, Hotel Soča – today Hotel Alexander), though Sava Grand Hotel and Donat Grand Hotel and the building Therapy (now Rogaška`s Medical Centre) were built in the Modernist style.

The Crystal Hall located at Rogaška Grand Hotel is something you do not want to miss. The hall where the once famous Ana`s Ball was held, which managed to conjure up 200 years` worth of tradition, is even today the venue for various dance and concert events. The Hall was named after the chandeliers, windows and mirrors all hand-made from crystal glass, pointing to the second important activity in Rogaška Slatina – the glazier`s trade. The walls of the hall feature four oil paintings of A. Schrötter.

Through the central part of the spa park, which today is marked by a long tree-lined shaded avenue of horse chestnut and white maple, our journey continues to the oldest wine cellar in the centre of Rogaška Slatina where you can refresh yourself with vintage premium wines. The walk leads us back to the opposite side of the promenade park, along the mysterious paths of Pegaz`s hooves, to Hotel Slatina and Golf Villa, behind which is the famous Ivan`s Spring – still alive and preserved. Once we have had a glass of natural mineral water from the original spring, we continue our way in the direction of Pegasus, a large winged horse statue with a golden hoof, which is supposed to have discovered the springs in Rogaška.

The tour of the spa centre is guided by a local tourist guide (duration: 45–60 minutes, price: €30 per group). Meeting place: Rogaška Slatina Tourist Information Centre, Zdraviliški trg 1, Rogaška Slatina.

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