Church of the Holy Cross, Mount Oljka

The current church was built between 1754 and 1757. Its famous relic is the grand altar made by the sculptor Ferdinand Gallo, which makes the church one of the most imposing regional monuments.
The artist`s extraordinary theatrical sensibility culminated in the portrayal of the Final Supper adorning the grand altar. The row of life-sized sitting apostle statues, whose expressive gestures convey profound sensations of the last supper, spans beyond the altar and seeks direct communion with the visitor. On the pedestal lies the painting by Fortunat Bergant "Christ in the Getsemani Garden", above it the grand cross and underneath the statue of the Sad Mother of God, with the statues of St. Agnes and St. Joshua next to it. Under the church one will find a subterranean sanctuary with the divine grave.



Rogaška Slatina