Education Route Vetrnik

Dry meadows contain an outstanding variety of species - during high season, as many as 50 plant species per square meter can be observed here. A special mention goes to the numerous rare and endangered orchids. The plants are visited by many species of butterflies, neuropterans, beetles and other animals. In short - this is a vital and indispensible though unfortunately increasingly rare part of traditional Slovenian cultural landscape, which is today understood as an outstanding ecosystem as well. Essential elements, qualities and dangers, and the actions we can take to preserve it from extinction are the topics of the education route that will be explored by its visitors. The peak of the Vetrnik Hill offers a beautiful view over Boč, the Pilštanj square and eastern outskirts of Bohorje.
Route length:
1.4 km, circular
Number of stops:
Starting point:
crossroads under the Kukovičič homestead on Vetrnik, access from Kozje across the Bistri Graben trench past Zajčja Gorca (please refer to the brochure for easy orientation)
Completion time:
1 hour
Brochure and guide:
"Education Route Vetrnik", available at the office of the Kozjanski Park, Podsreda 45, Podsreda.

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