Geological Education Route Rudnica - Virštanj

The route travels along the northern part of the Kozjanski regional park, around the settlement Olimje.
Although the route explores a relatively small part of the Kozjanski Park, its extensive geological variety makes it highly suitable for the presentation of the complete geological development and constitution of Kozjansko. It passes a number of natural treasures (valley of the Olimje stream, the Olimje linden tree) and cultural heritage sites (church of Mary`s Ascension in Olimje, the Olimje monastery, Church of St. Andrew in Olimje, Church of the Virgin Mary on Sand, the Počivavšek hayrack in Slake and the archaeological dig in Rudnica). The hiking path with is numerous panoramic points offering beautiful views of the Kozjanski Park is suitable for anyone with average physical ability. It travels along forest paths, cart tracks and a few local roads where traffic is sparse.
Route length:
10 km
Starting point:
Slake near Olimje, by the abandoned mining tunnel
Completion time:
4 to 6 hours, with a possibility of three different partial routes between 1 and 2 hours in length,
The book "Geological Education Path on Rudnica and Virštanj" (96 pages, brochure is available as well) is at your disposal at the office of the Kozjanski Park, Podsreda 45, Podsreda, in the tourist information centre in Podčetrtek, in Terme Olimia, and in the National Gallery in Ljubljana.

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