Kozjanski Regional Park

Kozjanski Park is an area 206 km² in size with the status of a regional park.
Kozjansko is a region whose borders are not precisely defined. The name is used to denote an area south of Voglajna, west of Sotla, east of Savinja and north of the eastern Posavsko Hills. The Kozjanski regional park consists of the area delineated in the north by Rudnica, in the east by Sotla and in the south Vetrnik and Orlica, where it passes into the Senovsko and Bizeljsko Hills. The landscape shows a characteristic progression from the pre-Alpine forest highlands into the plains around the river Sotla. Between the level Obsotelje and the eastern Posavsko Hills lie winegrowing tertiary highlands. The regional park is a vast area of regionally characteristic ecosystems and landscape with extensive parts of unspoiled nature, where human presence can be felt but is in harmonious balance with nature.
Several events take place in the Kozjanski regional park, for example school excursions and programs as well as cultural and natural sightseeing tours.

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