Terme Olimia

Terme Olimia d.d.

Terme Olimia Spa Resort offers a shelter for your body and spirit in harmony with nature, water and expertise.

Terme Olimia, which has developed in Podčetrtek over the last few decades, not far from the popular Olimje, has found energy for the future and reasons for pride in the rich traditions of its past. We have supplemented the legend about looking for a magical flower with a comprehensive wellness offer, enabling the body and spirit to experience new birth in combination with the soothing effects of thermal water.
Your break in a different way.
To ensure you ease of stay, Terme Olimia has two high-quality four-star hotels – Sotelia Wellness Hotel and Breza Hotel.  If you are not a hotel type of person, you can opt for Rosa Aparthotel, the apartment area Vas Lipa and Natura Campsite.
Terme Olimia has always been considered an excellent destination for inquisitive and adventurous guests as well as those seeking great cuisine, those who want to see something more than just a swimming pool and those who desire a most interesting vacation. You can explore the beauties of the environment and its tradition on foot or by bike on well-arranged walking and cycling trails. The surrounding areas are also accessible by a road train.
All in the spirit of wellness.
At Terme Olimia, wellness is becoming a lifestyle. We are proud of our latest acquisition, i.e. Wellness Orhidelia, which is a luxury world of thermal pleasure, where you will experience the awakening of love while enjoying a perfect pampering of your body and spirit. Dive into the wonderful water world and relax embraced by drops of water in any of the pools. By visiting the sauna centre, you will heat up your body and heart. 

Terme Olimia d.d.
Zdraviliška cesta 24
3254 Podčetrtek
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