Jurklošter Monastery

At around 1170, bishop of Krško Henry I established the Jurklošter Carthusian Monastery in the basin of the Gračnica Valley. The monastery is one of the three oldest Central European Carthusian monasteries that were established on the territory of Slovenia.

This originally mighty monastery was later turned into a mansion. Today we can see a part of the walls with the late Roman Church of St. Mauritius and a guard tower that have remained from the monastery.

The former Carthusian church with a stone bell tower on its wooden roof is one of the five main monuments of cultural heritage in Slovenia that are part of the Transromanica international project. Visiting the Carthusian monastery, you can meet the mysterious world inside its walls, learn where monks retreated in times of danger and learn about what was hiding inside their monastic library. You can also listen about the forbidden love between a rich nobleman Friderik II, Count of Celje, and the daughter of a simple knight Veronika Deseniška.

Zavod ODON Jurklošter
Jurklošter 24
3273 Jurklošter



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