Thermana Laško

Thermana Laško

People have visited thermal springs in Laško since their beginnings. Even the ancient Romans and missionaries in the middle ages knew about the invigorating and healing properties of thermal water. The first thermal spa was built here in 1854, and it was named after the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Rest and Relaxation (accommodation, excursions in the surrounding area, cuisine)
Today, Thermana is a modern centre with beauty, health and wellbeing programmes and services. You will be pampered in an oasis of unexpected options, where you will be astounded by nature, warm sunrays reflecting in the River Savinja and modern architecture. The offer was prepared to enhance your vitality, strengthen your body and soul and to create an unforgettable rest and relaxation experience that leads to satisfaction and happiness.
An exceptional environment where the tradition, experience and state-of-the-art spa rituals create a harmonious atmosphere in the embrace of nature. Over the last two years, we have developed unique beer and honey treatments based on our awareness of the healing effect of natural ingredients as well as a touch of comfort and local production.
The town of Laško, which is the origin of the name of this spa resort, is situated practically in the heart of Slovenia and offers plenty of opportunities for walking and excursions into the surrounding area, for visiting cultural and sporting events or for culinary treats. Thanks to its position, it is also excellent as a starting point for excursions throughout Slovenia.
Thermal water (special features, characteristics, temperature)
A natural healing factor – the thermal spring contains the right quantities of calcium, magnesium and sodium and soothes pain and enables easier movement through its beneficial warmth. The beneficial effects of thermal water have been proven through many years of experience in treatment and health maintenance. Research on thermal water carried out by the Bion Institute has shown that water has a rich and invigorating energy and contributes to harmony between spirituality and the body. Following the method of Masar Emot, MD, the Bion Institute took photos of water crystals of the thermal water from Laško Spa Resort. Guests can use indoor and outdoor swimming pools, massage and children’s pools and Kneipp’s warm and cool pool laden with river gravel for foot massage.

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