Ana`s Route

The route offers a perfect combination of relaxed hiking on level and inclined terrain along with a number of natural and cultural points of interest.
From the centre of Dobrna, the route leads down the road past villa Ružička towards the Devil`s Gorge, past the Gutenek mansion (former brewery) to the Kneipp basin with its crystal-clear water from a rock spring. Past the Bierkeller Cave and Drenovec Fall, the route ascends along the falls of the Drenovec swift stream to a clearing suitable for picnics. A grass-covered road leads onwards to the Marovšek homestead where you can visit an old smithy and its small collection of antiquities. At the branch, the route takes a left turn towards the Šumej homestead and its historic attraction, the black kitchen. The route then travels up a forest path leading around a hill to the settlement Zavrh. At the crossroads, it turns right and heads along the road to the next crossroads where it takes a left turn. Alternatively, hikers may opt to turn right and visit the tourist wine road and its vineyards. On the right, there is a nice view of the nearby Flis cross. As the route descends down the road, it reaches the house of the herbalist Vida. The route then leads down an asphalt road to the Blažič farm, whose worthwhile points of interest include the beehouse, hayrack and wine cellar. At the next  crossroads stands the Švab homestead with its renovated chapel. Turning right, the route leads along a macadam road towards the ostrich farm and then up a grass-covered path to the church of St. Nicholas. Here, the last incline leads up a panorama path which ends with a breathtaking view of Dobrna and its surroundings.

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