Pri Minki Visitor Farm

When visiting the farm Pri Minki, you will be served home-made cuisine and sweets as well as wine from the neighbouring vineyards. 

Upon arrival, you are likely to be greeted first by Rajko, a friendly and playful donkey with its unmistakeable voice. At the farm, you can be served a wide range of home-made aperitifs (e.g. bilberry, walnut or plum brandy, etc.), herbal infusions, fruit juices, Turkish coffee and white or red wine. If you feel like having something to eat as well, they will be happy to prepare a selection of cold cuts comprised of home-made dried meat products. These as well as cracklings, various types of pâté and spreads can also be bought in their shop. They can also provide you with stores to take home (e.g. wild garlic in pumpkin seed oil or olive oil, pickle, mixed salad, plum jam), and in summer months also with seasonal vegetables from their own garden. The shop is open Thursdays from 3 pm to 7 pm and Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm.

Having inspired the name of the visitor farm, the owner Minka is best known to guests from near and far for the incredibly wide range of sweets. If you order in advance, she can make anything from apple or cheese strudel, gibanica cake, sweet cheese dumplings, to gingerbread biscuits, varied tea biscuits, potica cake and more. On Saturday mornings, you can treat yourselves to Minka’s sweets at the local market in the centre of Dobrna next to the municipal building. Occasionally you can also buy a new variety of sweets made on a whim. If you can’t make it on a Saturday, you can visit them in the lobby of Vita Hotel on most Sundays.

If stews are “your cup of tea” or if you wish to treat your loved ones to the menu of your choosing, you can bring a group of 30 people to the farm’s common room upon previous arrangement. The room also features a ceramic-tile stove for guests to warm themselves in cold winter months.

The unique interior of the visitor farm Pri Minki is also furnished with artworks by the youngest member of the family, academy-trained painter Suzana Švent.

As the family are constantly trying to extend the range of products, you are kindly welcome to follow them on facebook or twitter. However, they will be even happier if you pay them a visit.



Directions from the centre of Dobrna:

Heading from the centre of Dobrna, the way takes you in the direction of Paški Kozjak for a kilometre and a half, first passing the Dobrna Spa and Kapelica Gallery. At the crossroads of three roads continue along the middle one. After a few metres of driving uphill, the recognisable logo of the farm, a smiling biscuit, will appear on the right side of the road.


Minka Švent
Klanc 29
3204 Dobrna

Minka Švent
Klanc 29
3204 Dobrna
+386 (0)3 577 83 33



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