Health Park

The health park is found in the centre of Dobrna and is a part of its health resort complex. The park`s oldest chestnut promenade dates back to 1820.
The principal species in the park is horse chestnut, accompanied by linden, maple, birch, cypress, copper beech, silver pine, plane, white poplar, bitter oak, yew and several other species. The image of villa Higiea is adorned by a majestic sequoia (with a trunk diameter of 416 cm). Park gardeners are also very proud of their gingko (with a trunk diameter of 222 cm), a species that originates in Asia and is among the oldest plant species in the world rarely found in Slovenian parks. Some of the park`s most impressive specimens: the white poplar near the home of health has a diameter of 575 cm, the plane tree by the Park hotel measures 472 cm and the cypress in the centre of the park 318 cm. Guests are encouraged to find these beautiful giants and take a closer look. A renovated jogging path runs above the park, leading joggers on a healthy forty-minute recreational walk with twenty stops offering suggested exercise forms.

Gostilna Koren
Pristova 11
3204 Dobrna
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