The Šmartinsko Lake Walking Trail

This well-arranged cycling and walking trail starts at the Holy Spirit Church in Nova Vas and continues on a well-protected and nicely marked trail right to the lake.

The trail is fenced and starts at a local road, crossing fields and meadows. At the lake it joins with a walking trail that splits into two directions: turning left you can walk on a circular trail past the Lake Queen Boat and the fairy houses of Zelen’dol. Continue around one of the lake channels and return to the boat across the pontoon bridge at the Muzelj Boathouse. Turning right at the junction of the walking trails, you will take a walk on a trail that leads through a small forest and return to the same trail or on asphalt local road.  

There are wooden benches throughout the path, enabling you to rest and relax and you can also read information about the lake on information boards set alongside of water.

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