Forest Study Trail, Celjska Koča

The forest study trail runs in the direct vicinity of the popular excursion point at Celjska Koča.

The study trail consists of two sets of content: Slovenian forest tree species are presented in a special way in the park under Koča, and there are nine content points along the circuit trail that rises to the crest with views.
Among other things, the hundred-year development of the forest is presented as well as a comparison of the forest with a computer produced simulation of the development of the same area without the forest. It also presents modern sustainable forest management and past mistakes in the planning of spruce fir monocultures that are still causing negative effects today. The main purpose of the trail is to encourage visitors to consider their own relationship to forests. 
No. of content points: 10
Length: 1.9 km
Needed time: 1 h 30 min
The access point starts at Celjska Koča Hotel, where you arrive from Celje on the road that passes Zagrad and Pečovnik (9.5 km) or past Štore Svetina (12 km).

Zavod za gozdove RS, Krajevna enota Celje
Ljubljanska cesta 13
3501 Celje



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