The Lake Šmartinsko Ecosystem Study Trail

The study trail is situated around Lake Šmartinsko near Celje. Its rich contents are presented in the cultural landscape with various natural and artificial ecosystems.       

Visitors to the ecosystem study trail can compare and learn about the features of the cultural landscape of Lake Šmartinsko. In presentations, ecosystems are classified as natural (forest, willow trees, stream, swamp, forest edge, forest patch) and man-made (artificial lake, dry and wet field, traditional orchard and spawning ground). Typical water and riverine plants and animals such as fish, amphibians and birds are presented with related pictures.

No. of content points: 15

Length: 2 km

Tour time: 45 min

From Celje towards the north past Lokrovec to Lake Šmartinsko (3 km). Take the highway exit “Celje-center” or “Celje-zahod”. Parking is available.

Zavod za gozdove RS, Krajevna enota Celje
Ljubljanska cesta 13
3501 Celje