Municipal Forest (Mestni Gozd)

The Municipal Forest is an area of well-preserved forest that stands on the southern outskirts of Celje.

100 hectares of dense forests provide a good network of 12 forest trails with a total length of 14 kilometres. Thanks to its proximity and accessibility as well as extraordinary diversity and level of preservation, the Municipal Forest is also an excellent place for education about natural ecosystems and the basics of sustainable development.

The various programmes in terms of content are adapted to children of all ages; foresters offer a professional approach to primary and secondary school students in accordance with the forest pedagogy that has been developed in the last decade through guided tours through the Municipal Forest enabled to many school groups. The programme, which is based primarily on experiencing the life of nature, presents the diversity and functioning of the forest ecosystem, its comparison with ecosystems of the town, park and fields, the many useful roles of forests and a sustainable way of making use of the forest. A stroll through the forest wilderness enables you to get a grasp of the most developed land ecosystem.
Needed time: 1 h 30 min

Entry points are located in the direct vicinity of the centre of town in The Municipal Park (Mestni park), at Meškov Spring (Meškov studenec), at the end of the Savinja Bridge (Čopova Street), at Petričko, at Heraklej Sanctuary and at Belaj Inn in Polule.

Zavod za gozdove RS, Krajevna enota Celje
Ljubljanska cesta 13
3501 Celje



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