Towers of the Medieval Town Walls

Theatre Tower
The north-western guard tower (second half of the 15th century) of the former town walls is today a part of the Slovene National Theatre, which was built in 1885. Already since 1825, the tower, which used to serve as a torture chamber, has been used by travelling families of actors. In 1849, the tower was used as theatre for the first-time play in the Slovene language – Linhart’s play “Županova Micka”. (Theatre Tower)
Water Tower
The south-eastern corner guard tower, also called Almshouse Tower (second half of the 15th century). In addition to the parts of roman tablets, a sign indicating the level of water during disastrous flood of 1672 is built into the tower. (Razlagova ulica)
Guard Towers
A partially walled intermediate tower from the 16th century was sold at public auction at the end of the 18th century. (Razlagova ulica)
The north-eastern corner guard tower of the medieval town walls. (Gubčeva ulica)

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