Grajska Vas

Grajska Vas is a picturesque village in the southern part of the Municipality of Braslovče. 
The centre of Grajska Vas has a special character from the perspective of architectural heritage. This is the place of the Church of St. Kristof, which was mentioned in documents in 1489. A tower was added to the church in 1723, when it received its current appearance.
In the direct vicinity of the church is a monument devoted to the victims who died during the World War I.
A special feature of Grajska Vas is the village washing area, which was built soon after World War II along the Reka stream. It was entirely renovated in 1999.
Near Grajska Vas is the Rezar House, built in 1806. It is still well-preserved today and even though nobody lives in it, it can still serve its purpose. The baker’s oven is still able to produce a nice smell of freshly baked bread, and home-made products are still kept in it.
On a ridge above Grajska Vas stands the Šmigl vineyard cottage. From there you can see Kunigunda and the eastern part of the Lower Savinja Valley. This has become a popular starting point for excursions to the surrounding hills.
Every year on 1 May, the labour holiday, several hundred people from the entire Lower Savinja Valley gather at the Šmigl vineyard cottage. This is also where you can find a monument from the period of the Slovenian Communist Party, preserved in its original form and put on display like in a museum.

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