Restaurant Ribniki Preserje

The Preserje Lake (fish pond) lies in the settlement Preserje near Braslovče, by the regional road Šentrupert - Mozirje.
It was formed with the damming of Struga, a side branch of the river Savinja. By the lake stands the pleasant fishing lodge and restaurant of the Šempeter angling society.
The lake is best known for its two ponds, which provide excellent sports fishing conditions. The larger pond is 3 ha in size and contains pike, perch, catfish, carp, nase, bream, grass carp, roach and several species of bleak, while the smaller pond where the system "catch & release" is observed measures 0.5 ha and contains several species of carp, chub, roach and bream.

Restavracija Ribniki Preserje
Preserje 9a
3314 Braslovče
03 705 98 00



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