Mountain Lodge on Mount Oljka***

Mount Oljka (734 m) is mentioned already in 1243 under the name "Križna Gora mountain".
By the church stands a well maintained mountain lodge with circa 150 seats and 50 beds.
Access is possible from the direction of Polzela 2h, Šmartno by Paka 1.5h, Rečica 2h, Velenje 3h, Šoštanj 2.5h, Skorno 2h, Paška vas 1.5h and Andraž. The lodge may also be reached by bus from Polzela.
Nr. of rooms:  9 multiple rooms
Nr. of beds: 50 (common beds)
Location: Mount Oljka near Polzela
By foot: well marked, at times steep trail.
By car: 2 km under the peak, the asphalt road turns into sturdy macadam.
Restaurant seats: 150
Offer: warm and cold water, heated accommodations, restaurant.
Activities: sightseeing trips, baroque church with two belfries, visits of nearby tourist posts.
A famous local relic is the grand altar made by the sculptor Ferdinand Gallo, which makes the church on Mount Oljka one of the most imposing regional monuments. The artist`s extraordinary theatrical sensibility culminated in the portrayal of the Final Supper adorning the grand altar. The row of life-sized sitting apostle statues, whose expressive gestures convey profound sensations of the last supper, spans beyond the altar and seeks direct communion with the visitor. On the pedestal lies the painting by Fortunat Bergant "Christ in the Getsemani Garden", above it the grand cross and underneath the statue of the Sad Mother of God, with the statues of St. Agnes and St. Joshua next to it. Under the church one will find a subterranean sanctuary with the divine grave.
The church front and all its stone parts as well as the exterior lighting were renovated in 1998.

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Dobrič (Ločica ob Savinji 85a)
3313 Polzela
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